At Stonehouse we have a passion for natural luxury, impeccable quality and stylishly designed products.

Our individual products are natural, neutral in tone and of outstanding quality, made by specialist British craftsmen at the height of their profession. Each statement piece is made to be admired and shared for a lifetime.

We have complemented the beauty of natural European oak with various intricate metal work designs, making each individual piece unique.

The natural world calms us and allows us to reflect on the very essence of what living is all about. Natural and neutral our products take you on this journey whether in the home or as a special gift.

We all want a little bit of luxury in our life, why not indulge yourself and select something unique from Stonehouse. Candle holders, drinks displays, serving platters and more, we are sure you will find something in our ever expanding range.



At the iron forge David uses small welding techniques to produce tight bends yet flowing curves – it all works together to make a pleasing piece for the eye. Organic and floral elements are his greatest inspiration, flowing lines and organic shapes subtly hold the pattern together. Inspired by nature the shapes are suggested using heat, hammer and anvil. David comments “The process lifts my soul as a human being not especially a blacksmith. I find my true blacksmithing inspiration from the masters who have gone before and laid the path for us to explore.”


Andrew and his team at the workshop are craftsmen at the height of their profession. Using the finest European oak each piece is hand crafted using traditional techniques. Whether it is a waney raw edge or classic smooth finish each product is then hand sanded. Once each piece is perfect, it will be either coated with a lacquer or have a patina distressed-antique finish which protects the beauty of the wood.


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